About Me

Hi Folks! I am Franky Sintra, from the Hudson Bay area (it has got nothing to do with my surname honestly!). I am a happy go lucky chap who loves to talk, write and walk about sports. I am a sports writer (definitely not by chance); I became one after completing my degree in journalism.
I was on the field job for a bit in the initial years of my career, but now, I am more confined to the air conditioning room of my office with an editor cum writer tag, that offers more comfort and some additional privileges (both monetary and position!).
Sport is a very large umbrella and I intend to bring some of the most favored in this part of the world. I do want to expand into other countries’ sports info in the near future. Love for any game or sport is what keeps people together and I believe a lot in that theory.
If you have any comments, queries, ideas or suggestions, I would be glad to hear all of them. I am my own critic and would love to have a few others join me! If you are interested in contributing to this blog, do let me know, as I am making arrangements for more contributions from other sports writers across the globe.

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