Education and Experiences of Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon
Neil Dhillon is a man who is equipped with both knowledge and skills. He really wanted to be aware about everything so he invested on education. He never wasted time on unimportant matters. He values self-discipline a lot in a way that he maintains positive behavior. During studies, he applies patience on understanding concepts. Comprehension is very important for him so he focus on each detail. When the entire content is absorbed, there is a greater way for an effective learning.


Fort Hill High School

The American University- He successfully finished a degree in Political Science.

Aside from politics, his other interests are:

  • Energy & Environment
  • Software
  • IT Services
  • World History


  • Senior Vice President- Hill and Knowlton International Public Relations. Neil Dhillonmanaged a big staff here. He learned about the importance of leadership and management. His common clients consist:
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Republic of Botswana
  • Internet ebay
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Novartis
  • British Midway Airways
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Senior Aide- He also helped President Clinton on some government-related dealings.
  • Robert Matsui’s Chief of Staff
  • Global Public Affairs- With his 30 long years of experience related to communications and public policy,Dhillonis very capable of holding his career.
  • Director of Media& Public Affairs- He also worked for American Academy of Actuaries where more than 18,000 members are involved.He served here for three years. Consequently, he had built strong connections with the other workers.
  • Deputy Asst. Secretary of Gov’t Affairs (US Department of Transportation)- The position was held for a year.Within the department, he was a legislative counsel who reported to Federico Pena (Transportation Secretary)
  • Director of Public Affairs (Financial Dynamics)
  • Top Asian American appointee- The award was given to him during a ceremony held at the White House. President Clinton was very proud of Neil Dhillon.


Neil Dhillonis also commendable for his exceptional skills when it comes to problem solving. Whether a legislative issue is very simple or too complicated, he can think of a direct solution right away. The usual issues he handle includes:

  • Health issues
  • Trade issues
  • Financial services
  • Educational issues
  • Environmental issues

Neil Dhillon is indeed a man of excellence who give importance to learning and experience. Despite of the numerous positions he was able to manage, he remains humble. He does not brag anything but shares what he has.