The Qualities of an Extraordinary Person like Andrea Doven

Andrea DovenHaving an employee with extraordinary talent, abilities and qualities is a big help in improving the company and will give a lot of things that can really contribute to the progress or success of it. Finding a person like this may be a little bit hard, but these are present or manifested by Andrea Doven. Andrea Doven is a kind of person who is very dedicated. In her working experiences, she showed passion where this quality is very essential in every employee. This will allow every person to go through despite the hardships, challenges or obstacles that they will face along the way.

Andrea Doven show love and dedication in whatever she does because an individual will just become a hypocrite as an employee if she does not have any interest or a little bit of love to it, and she is also a hardworking employee. This has proven in all of her jobs. For example, she became an Executive who worked for almost 20 years at Executive level as Administrative Human Resources VP positions. The years that she spent in the company made her hardworking and then through this characteristics, perseverance, she quickly moved to the top.

Andrea DovenIt is proven that she has an extraordinary talent for recruiting aside from the aforementioned qualities or skills. Before she has been accepted and worked as an Executive, she spent most of her life working in the entertainment industry. She is a theater actress that time. She worked as a theater actress for a long period of time because this is also her passion that is why she took up a course related in theater industry. Maybe her mother influenced her to pursue to become a stage actor or an actress because her mother is a dancer in the original West Side Story Broadway stage and film.

Andrea’s skills are not a joke because her proven successful track record has crossed many kinds or types of industries. She has many working experiences that made her stand out from the rest of her co-workers. She has also the skill to pick up and learn any kind of industries or business processes. And she became the one whom everyone depends when she has already become part of the company. In this line of thought, she has become an effective or an efficient part in each organization. This is how Andrea Doven works. So she is a model to everybody and an inspiration for others to become more dedicated and more hardworking in their working place.